A Guide to High Quality Web Development

Construction Part 1

With a solid plan beside you, you can start to code a template (or prototype) page. This will be a single page in your site and will act as the basic template for your other pages. Establish the structure of the page and clearly comment where your navigation, main content, page heading, footer and so forth are coded.

Use appropriate structural tags to describe your content. Put each paragraph of text in <p> tags, put headings in the appropriate level of heading tag and so forth.

Ensure your page includes:

Now validate this template page.

When your code is valid and you are satisfied with the general structure, you will evaluate your template. Return to construction once you have perfected this initial page.

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Construction Part 2

Always validate your code after any change. This is particularly important before you duplicate your template otherwise you will copy any mistakes through every page in your site.

Duplicate your template page so you can produce the other pages for your site. Validate each one when you have finished adding its content to ensure you haven't introduced any mistakes.

Your code should be easily maintainable. Appropriate use of comments and clear code layout will assist this greatly.

When you have your completed web site, evaluate it again to consider it as a whole.

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