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These links take you to some of the older lab files that are stored in this directory!

Old Homepage

Wow. This is old. The Lab Book told me to use contrasting colours, so I did.

What a meme.

Lab 18 | Eclectic Mix: Accessibility Version

I hated this lab. I was way too humble to the original content. Always redo table layouts. Never stay humble to the original

Lab 11 | Guide to High Quality Web Development

Now this is an interesting page. This was actually a test to see if the whole "Floating Boxes" thing would actually work.

Actually, it nearly didn't. Praise display: inline-block.

Mosgiel Hockey Club

This one's really funny. The index page you are currently on stole the layout from the Hockey Club's early Equipment page!

  • I also lost the Digital Plan for the Website's layout, so I made it all up of the fly.
  • It also turns out that most of the content that was given to us was stolen off of the Dunedin Underwater Hockey Club site!
  • And Nick Meek is the President for the Dunedin Underwater Hockey Club!