University of otago Tiddlywinks Club

Fig. 1 early human era tiddlechips, an ancestor to the winks of modern human culture. Carbon dating results yet to return era

The University of Otago Tiddlywinks Club

Welcome to The University of Otago's Official Tiddlywinks club. We meet twice a week to play and socialise. Play is fiercely competitive and, most importantly in a Dunedin winter, conducted indoors. Our club currently has a membership of around 30 with a committed core group of 20 or so. We are always keen to welcome new members. All equipment is provided by the club. There is no annual fee but members pay a weekly sub of $2.50 on the nights they attend

"It's a real sport, honestly" - Sheila Flipper

This website was created for a University project. The content is largely fictional and no services are actually being offered.

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