Sulaiman Alnughaymishi

My Study

First of all, I am studying Information Science at Otago University.It took me about 4 years to complete this degree and i will be so happy that i have finally completed it.

The library is my favourite place in Otago University, because it meets almost all my needs. I stay in the library for one or two hours when I have any free time between classes. There are so many books and latest journals from all kinds of science and technological fields, which are great useful for academic researches. I can always find what I want to read or use in my assignments from the shelves. There are also some CDs and videos which provide multimedia learning and entertainment.

There are all kinds of computers available in library. I can either find a computer in the computer rooms, or easily borrow and return a mini laptop from library using my student ID card. I can also bring my own laptop and enjoy the free Wi-Fi in library environment. Printers are available on every floor. They allow students to print assignments and other handouts. For copy or scan use, there is a big print room on the third floor.

Library is a good place for both group and individual use. It is always a good idea for group members to book a room and gather there. The rooms are small but functional. Group members can discuss assignments, make a PowerPoint presentation, practice presentations, and do all kinds of things together. However, as library is such a big and bright place, I always feel comfortable in there no matter what I am doing.

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My 2017 Timetable
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